Alleviate Stress with Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has been known to treat skin issues, reduce anxiety, and strengthen your immune system.
Lavender oil has been used for thousands of years (roughly 2,500 years to be exact) as perfume, a deodorant, disinfectant, insect repellant, and an aphrodisiac.
Interesting fact, it was also used to tame lions—needless to say, lavender oil is a superstar natural health remedy.
Lavender has always been known for its calming and relaxing effect and is regularly
used to treat high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies have shown that the use of the scent of lavender increases the time spent in deep sleep. These results were also stronger for women than men.
Other health benefits lavender provides includes skin treatment (especially with acne), digestive relief, and infection prevention and treatment.
Lavender has properties that are anti-microbial to reduce fungal and inflammatory infections.
This versatile oil has also been used for pain relief, headaches and migraines, muscle
aches, menstrual cramps, allergies, asthma, sleep inducing, gas or bloating, burns, chicken pox, dry skin, and muscle relaxant.
For women who are going through menopause, lavender tends to have an estrogen-like effect on the body to help you through the change (not to mention the stress and discomfort that comes with it).
Best results are found when lavender oil is used in your bath, diffused into the air, or directly on your skin. For your bath, mix about 5 or 6 drops into the bath water. If you are diffusing the oil into the air, I suggest 10-12 drops of lavender and only two drops if you are applying directly onto the skin.
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